business benefitsof Storytelling

“Those who tell stories rule society” - Plato

Learn the secrets of business storytelling - expand your mind AND your sales

We can’t help you rule society, but we can teach you the secrets of brand storytelling and help grow your business.

The story goes that bees landed on the Greek philosopher Plato’s lips whilst he slept as an infant. They left a trace of honey that sweetened his words to inspire others for the rest of his life. Nearly 2,500 years later, the Berkeley Storytelling Academy was formed with the simple aim to inspire businesses to grow by telling better stories.

On our courses you can learn:

  • How to sell more and make customers connect emotionally to your business
  • How to become a more charismatic, inspiring and influential leader
  • How to be more memorable than your competitors.

The session runs from 10am to 4pm, and we will provide refreshments and a light lunch.

Our courses have limited numbers to ensure we offer 1-2-1 feedback and plenty of time for questions.

Upcoming courses

— 18th June 2020
— 17th September 2020
— 22nd October 2020
— 19th November 2020

Find out more about course availability by emailing

Each seat is priced at £595 +VAT

If you want to immerse your company salesforce in the power of story then ask about a discounted group booking.