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Great stories happen to those who can tell them - Ira Glass
Our Storytelling Academy Courses will empower you to:
  • Sell more and make customers connect emotionally to your business
  • Become a more charismatic, inspiring and influential leader
  • Be more memorable than your competitors
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Berkeley Storytelling Academy

Where great business stories start

2017 has seen the launch of our business storytelling training programme. Storytelling is undeniably big business. But why are so many companies getting it so wrong? Have we forgotten how to tell a great story?

Storytelling is more than a buzzword. It has the power to change how people see and react to things, including you and your business. From your staff and colleagues all the way through to your customers, storytelling has the power to influence word of mouth – what marketers dream of.

We believe it’s fundamental that every employee knows their brand’s story and that storytelling is encouraged throughout companies, not just reserved for customer-facing communications. Berkeley’s Storytelling Academy encompasses four key courses, each accredited by the CPD Certification Service.

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Why Buy Storytelling?

Why should you train as a storyteller?

Do you remember your favourite book as a child? Can you still see the cover picture, and feel the book in your hand? Stories are fundamental to the human experience, connecting directly with our emotions, and remaining with us for years.

Storytelling makes brands memorable and inspiring. By connecting emotionally with your customers and prospects, you can increase sales. Once you’ve learnt how to tell a great story, you can apply this in your professional and personal life.

The power of story enables you to become a more charismatic, inspiring and influential leader, and allows you to stand out as simply more memorable than your competitors.

A very obvious plug from our founder

I believe everyone has a natural ability to be an inspiring storyteller. Yet this innate human characteristic vanishes the moment we gaze into a blank page or PowerPoint slide.

There is an answer.

Our business storytelling academy will teach and inspire you to deliver a great presentation, write a compelling press release, even close a sale.

In life and in business, great stories make us think, they make us feel, they make us change our behaviour. I have witnessed first-hand how previous attendees can suddenly create fresh stories about their business the moment they understand how.

There is no doubt in my mind that great stories happen to those that who tell them.

I want you to become as passionate about business storytelling as I am. The deep-seated interest I have for business storytelling has been with me since my early years as a journalist, to today as a professional storyteller who employs journalists.

I promise each course experience will be worth every penny of the £595 I am asking you to invest. If I’m wrong, then I won’t ask you to pay anything. You decide afterwards. No strings.

Just simply email me personally if you are interested

I look forward to hearing from you.

Chris Hewitt
Berkeley Storytelling Academy

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